Our programme offers an inspiring combination of flexibility and structure: flexibility to explore different academic fields, with structure to ensure that the knowledge you gain is specific and valuable for further studies and careers. You study three years at Erasmus University College (EUC) in order to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. During those three years you will take both mandatory Academic Core (ACC) courses to give you a solid foundation in knowledge and skills as well as declare a Major and (optionally) a Minor, while still keeping a lot of choice available to yourself. The list of Majors and Minors you can choose at EUC can be found by clicking on the button below.

Education at EUC

In addition to the programmes offered at EUC, students can also opt to take a non-EUC Minor in their third year of study. More information on these Non-EUC Minors can be found here.

As such the path that each of our students follows in our curriculum will most likely be different to some extent. To get a general impression of what you may encounter when you start your studies at EUC, see the following curriculum overview:

Year 1: The Academic Core

In the first year you will take twelve courses, of which nine make up the Academic Core. The Academic Core consists of five broadly disciplinary courses, which will introduce you to several fields of study, as well as four skills courses, centred on academic writing, methodology and research design. The remainder three courses are electives. At the end of the first year you will declare a Major (for a complete list of the Majors, see here.

Years 2 & 3:

EUC offers a wide variety of majors within the fields of Economics & Business, Humanities, Life Sciences and Social & Behavioural Sciences. Your major will allow you to explore the field of your choice in greater depth. You can complement your curriculum with a combination of electives. This allows you to gain insights from a discipline other than your major, tailoring your course combination to suit your interests.

During your third and final year, you will complete a capstone (Bachelor thesis), demonstrating your mastery of a certain topic related to your major. The capstone is the culmination of your journey of becoming an independent researcher.

In your third year there is also an opportunity to study abroad or enrol in off-campus courses.

If you wish to know more in detail about graduation requirements, grading system and other matters related to regulations at EUC, please consult the Academic Rules and Regulations (ARR).

Alumnus Daan Friese on Choosing a Liberal Arts & Sciences Programme

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