Alumni Community of EUC Students

Alumni Community of EUC Students

Not only is Erasmus University College a tight-knit community throughout the three years of study, this community also extends to life after EUC. ACES, the Alumni Community of EUC, supports the close connections amongst alumni. To this end, ACES organizes a wide array of activities for its alumni, which range from professional networking events to social affairs wherein alumni from EUC can meet and greet with current EUC students. ACES has divided her activities into three pillars: social events, professional events and contribution to the EUC community.

The governing board of ACES comprises of EUC’s Alumni Officer, several alumni and a student. The members of the 2020-2022 board are:

Indy Mellink Alumna, graduated in 2018Chair
Ramses Struijker BoudierAlumnus, graduated in 2019Treasurer
Marlies KoolhaasAlumni Officer at EUCSecretary
Robert BenischAlumnus, graduated in 2018General Board Member
Pleun GravenAlumna, graduated in 2020General Board Member
Flo den HartogStudentGeneral Board Member


Graduated students from Erasmus University College mostly enter directly into a master degree. Depending on their major the options are widely open. Our alumni do masters at many different universities around the globe, such as:
* Erasmus Medical Centre - Master in Molecular Medicine
* EUR Erasmus School of Social & Behavioural Sciences - Master Sociology

* EUR Rotterdam School of Management - Master International Management/CEMS
* Falmouth University - Master Creative Advertising
* Johns Hopkins University - Master International Relations
* Leiden University - Master Biomedical Sciences
* Leiden University - Master Criminology and Criminal Justice
* Maastricht University - Master Health and Social Psychology
* Tilburg University - Master Data Science: Business and Governance
* Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Master Political Science and Government
* University of Amsterdam - Master Philosophy
* Uppsala University - Master Ecology and Conservation
* Utrecht University - Master Social, Health, and Organizational Psychology
* Wageningen University & Research - Master Milieuwetenschappen

Several of our alumni opt for a gap year after EUC, to get some work experience before deciding which master programme has the best connection with their ambitions.

To get in touch with ACES, please send an email to