Student Association

As a student at Erasmus University College you will become a member of the Erasmus University College Student Association (EUCSA). This all-inclusive student association acts as an umbrella organization for a wide range of student run committees, which together offer a great variety of activities and events for their members. Last year some of the activities included: a ski trip to France, various sports workshops, a table-tennis ladder, martial arts, regular bar nights, an end of year party, improvisation theater workshops, musical jam sessions, a cultural trip to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, a talent show, a monthly student magazine called ‘The Bug’, board game evenings and much more!

Besides partaking in all that is on offer, you will also have the opportunity to join or start a committee yourself. A great way of having fun and providing yourself with some well-appreciated experience in organizing and leading. The Student Association is still young, and many new committees will be created in the years to come. Here is a short overview of some of the committees currently available for members of the Student Association.

Sports Committee

Music Committee

Cultural Cooking Committee

Party Committee

Film & Photo Committee

If you want to find out about all committees and the board members, find more information on EUCSA's website.

The EUCSA board consists of the chair, treasurer, secretary, two committee affairs officers, and the external relations officer. Together, they not only support and guide the committees of EUCSA, but they arrange various activities themselves as well, such as the annual winter gala at the start of a new calendar year.

The board is also constantly on the lookout to add more benefits for the members of the student association, like discounts at the service fee of a housing agency or discounts for shops, cafés and bars. Meet the Board!