Why Erasmus University College?

Erasmus University College (EUC) is the international undergraduate honour's programme of Erasmus University Rotterdam. We offer a Top Rated Programme, like most University Colleges, appreciated by students and staff. EUC offers a three year programme (BSc) in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Think of the programme as breadth plus depth, where you will be challenged to explore many areas of academia to build perspective and connections between disciplines. You will be drilled in the academic skills to put your knowledge to work. Ultimately, you specialise in an area, by selecting a 'Major' in one of our four departments that will prepare you for a master programme or career path in one of 1,000 directions. EUC's four departments are: Economics & Business, Humanities, Life Sciences, and Social & Behavioural Sciences.

Alumni: why was studying at EUC a good choice for you?

Emphasis on participation and active learning

EUC’s approach to education is that of small-scale, interactive and empowering learning environments. Working in groups of 12-15 students guided by a tutor, every student is expected to engage and contribute to the learning process. EUC’s most prominent active approach to education is called Problem Based Learning, in which students take the lead and everyone is an active participant. Our multicultural classroom comprises students from all continents, bringing their own experiences and paradigms, which ensures that no one classroom experience at EUC is alike.

Residential, city campus in international Rotterdam

We are a residential programme, meaning you live together with your fellow first-year students from around the world. Your residence is right in the city centre of Rotterdam and just a 10 minute walk from EUC. Living with your peers enhances your social life and positively affects your academic progress. Finding each other for group work has never been easier, mingling with various cultures opens your mind and allows you to develop into a truly global citizen. Even though students are expected to live together, this requirement can be waived upon request. The first year at EUC is a breeding ground for life-long friendships and the beginning of a strong global network. Our education building is a gorgeously renovated landmark right in the city centre of Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ most cosmopolitan city. The all-inclusive facilities in our building and the inspiring atmosphere ensure that EUC remains a cohesive academic community.

Tight-knit academic community

At EUC you are far from a number, our whole programme centres around a close community where students and staff are easily able to find one another and interact in the common pursuit of academic advancement. The facilities are ripe for student-teacher interactions, and we offer comprehensive professional guidance throughout your three years at EUC. No matter what path you choose, the perspective, problem solving skills and international connections you develop at EUC will be a solid foundation for your future pursuit of individual excellence.

Why did Pleun choose EUC? Check out the audio

Do you remember when you were younger, and you were finally old enough to be allowed on that exciting rollercoaster ride? I do. I was standing in line and felt thrilled, a little scared at first because I didn’t know what to expect. Suddenly I found myself sitting in the ride, beginning to feel nervous and agitated because I had no idea what this ride was going to be like. I was strapped in and there was no way back. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I realised I was smiling, laughing, screaming, lifting my hands in the loops and did not want to look before the last drop because I was sad it was already over. Adrenaline rushed through my body and ran back to the line to go again. That’s what EUC was for me.

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