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The Pre-Med major is a programme that will prepare you for admission to (i) the Premaster programme (in Dutch) at the Erasmus Medical Centre (Erasmus MC), (ii) the School of Medicine (in English) of St. George’s University (SGU), Grenada, or (iii) another Biomedical master programme. The Premaster programme at Erasmus MC is open for up to 24 Pre-Med graduates per year (see below). The School of Medicine of SGU is open for up to 10 Pre-Med graduates per year.

Partnership EUC and Erasmus MC

EUC and Erasmus MC have agreed that BSc students from EUC should be able to enter the Erasmus MC Medical Master (MMSc). In order to do so, students are required to follow the Pre-Med major at EUC, and they will have to participate in a 1-year premaster programme at Erasmus MC after graduating from EUC and before entering the MMSc. The Pre-Med major does not guarantee access to the premaster programme as there are entry requirements regarding:

  • the number of students; a maximum of 24 Pre-Med graduates per year are allowed to enter the Premaster programme;
  • mastery of the Dutch language (at least B2 level, certified with the NT-2 exam or a pass for Dutch on a ‘VWO’ diploma), because both the premaster programme and the MMSc are taught in Dutch;
  • the GPA obtained for the Pre-Med courses;
  • the extra-curricular activities performed besides the EUC Bachelor diploma;
  • the results from a limited number of Premaster entry tests, which will have to be taken during the final semester at EUC.

In the Pre-Med major students will obtain a basic knowledge of the Life Sciences as well as the Medical Sciences. Fields of study include:

  • fundamental biology, including human anatomy and physiology;
  • selected issues of health and disease;
  • the medical process and the scientific basis of medicine;
  • epidemiology and research methodology;
  • medical statistics;
  • general clinical skills, including anamnesis, physical examination, clinical reasoning and therapeutic skills;
  • (medical) professional behaviour.

Entry requirements

Students are allowed to enter this major when they

  • either have successfully completed a general biology course prior to entering EUC or have passed the EUC course ACC112 Basics of Life in the first year; and
  • have taken and passed the course LSC218 Life Support; and
  • have taken and passed the course LSC216 Medical Ethics; this course may also be taken during the second year, i.e. during the Pre-Med major.

Coordinator: Dr M. Martinez Claros

The major requires completing 70 EC in mandatory courses and a capstone (15 EC).  Check below for the full list of courses.

  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Human Physiology
  • Embryology & Development Biology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Micro- & Immunobiology
  • Follow the Doctor (pass/fail, 0 EC)

  • Pathology & Pathogenesis I - Cardiology
  • Pathology & Pathogenesis II - Pulmonology
  • Pathology & Pathogenesis III - Nephrology
  • Pathology & Pathogenesis IV - Nutritional and Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Pathology & Pathogenesis V - Metabolism and Hormonal T Regulation
  • Epidemiology & Global Health
  • Clinical Reasoning & Consultation (Quad 1-4, in Dutch)*

* The course Clinical Reasoning & Consultation is mandatory for students who wish to enter the Premaster programme (see above); students who are not proficient in the Dutch language and/or do not wish to enrol in the Premaster programme do not need to follow this course.

Partnership EUC and SGU

Graduates from EUC's Pre-Med Major who do not wish to follow the Dutch-spoken programmes offered in the Erasmus MC Premaster and Erasmus MC Medicine Master are eligible to apply to the English-spoken programme of the Medical School of St. George's University (SGU) in Grenada, West Indies ( SGU’s Medical School has contributed more than 14,000 physicians to the global physician workforce through their renowned and accredited Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. A maximum of 10 EUC Pre-Med Major graduates per year are selected for entry to SGU's Medical School.

To be qualified for admission to SGU's Medical School, EUC students must meet the following admission criteria:

  • They must have obtained the BSc degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences of EUC with the Pre-Med Major;
  • They must have achieved a Mastery level of 60% for the courses that form part of the Pre-Med Major;
  • Their application needs to be accompanied by a letter from the Dean of EUC.

An offer of admission to SGU's Medical School will only be made to qualified students, who satisfy all respective admissions requirements, after an admission interview is conducted by SGU.

Over the course of 3 years, me and my fellow Pre-Med peers gained a deep insight into the field of medicine through fascinating courses like Human Anatomy, Life Support, and Clinical Consultation & Reasoning. Unlike a regular medicine programme, Pre-Med allows you to take courses that you wouldn't normally take. For example, (computer) coding, sustainability, entrepreneurship, philosophy. This certainly gives you a better insight into the world around you and helps us become better world citizens.
After high school, Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) with Pre-Med offered the possibility to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor and develop in other fields of science such as psychology, law and international relations. As a doctor I still benefit from these courses every day. I believe that understanding what is happening in the world and being able to understand what kind of issues patients deal with other than their medical problems, does make you a better doctor.
I was part of the first class to do the Pre-Med. I wanted to become a doctor but I was also interested in more than just medicine. I’m very glad that because of EUC, I was able to expand my world view. After EUC I followed the Pre-Master, this was a tough year. I am now at two-thirds of the Master, so only one year left to go and then I am a doctor!

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