Arrange your Housing

Disclaimer: The Corona virus has an impact on all of us but together with LUCIA, we are doing our utmost best to assist you as a prospective student and future tenant. Find the latest updates of the Corona virus measures on the Erasmus University website.

It is mandatory for all first year EUC students to live in the designated student housing LUCIA for the full academic year, as stipulated in article 3.8 of our Academic Rules & Regulations.

Please understand that you can thus only start at EUC when you have fulfilled all enrolment requirements AND arranged your accommodation. It is therefore very important that you book your room by signing your tenancy agreement and transfer a down payment before 15 June. You will be able to move into your accommodation on the 15th of August. You will receive instructions via email on how to book your room.

  • Starting from the 15th of August it will be possible to move into your studio in LUCIA. We are excited to welcome you safely and warmly! Before the end of July you will be invited to book a specific timeslot on a specific date, during this timeslot you can pick up your studio key and start moving in. You will be invited by LUCIA directly.

    We hope for your understanding of our common goal: contributing to a safe start at EUC. For a safe situation we must maintain the 1,5 meters of distance required by the Dutch government. To achieve this, we will carefully manage the amount of people moving in at the same time. An not definitive example of a restriction: only allowing one additional adult to accompany you during the dates and times of move in. More details will follow in the invitation by LUCIA.

    We look forward to welcoming you!

    If you have questions about moving in please contact LUCIA directly at

    1. EUC communicates to the caretakers of LUCIA (Wolf Huisvestingsgroep) that you require a room in LUCIA, they will also be your primary contact for housing from now on.
    2. You will, or should have already, receive their email confirming you have started the room booking process, how to sign your one full year tenancy agreement and how to transfer your down payment before the deadline of 15 June.
    3. You sign the rental agreement and arrange payment to secure your accommodation in Lucia. Rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
    4. You will receive your tenancy agreement back, signed by the manager of LUCIA, and have your room number. 
    5. Your room will be ready for you to move in starting on the 15th of August. 
  • The first payment due before 15 June amounts to € 1,899.77 and consists of:

    • one time transaction costs                                                     €    200.00
    • rent for the period from 15 August 2020 to 31 August 2020   €    365.77
    • a deposit of two months rent                                                 € 1,334.00

    The monthly rent of € 667 breaks down into four categories:

    • € 419 for the basic rent for your room and the common facilities such as the entrance, the staircases, elevators, the hallways and the sundeck.
    • € 150 for the service costs for electricity, heat, water, internet (wifi) access and general maintenance of the building like washing windows, sweeping common areas and security services.
    • € 80 for the use of all the furniture and inventory of your room. For a list of the furniture and inventory check the addendum to the rental agreement.
    • € 18 for sewerage charges*, to be collected via Wolf Huisvestingsgroep. These costs are paid by every citizen of Rotterdam.

    * A number of municipal charges and taxes will be charged directly by the municipality. These amounts are not included in the breakdown of monthly charges. Please, check for more detailed information. 

  • Rent benefit is a tax refund provided by the Dutch Government, to people who rent a room or a house but don’t have sufficient income. All single studio-apartments in Lucia qualify for this subsidy. You are likely eligible for this rent benefit if you:  

    • are between 18 - 22 years old
    • have an annual income below €22.400
    • and no savings (on your name) higher than €30.000

    Find more information about rent benefit on these webpages of the Dutch government. Do note that if you check your eligibility for rent benefit via the (Dutch version of) that website, you will have to use a specific amount disclosed on as the amount for the service costs (as not all service costs are taken into account for rent benefit, more information to be found in the addendum to the rental contract).

    Soon after your arrival, EUC will help international students with their registration in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) of Rotterdam. You will then be provided with a Citizen Service Number (BSN), that is essential to obtain a DigiD. Only then will it is be possible to apply for rent benefit.  (You may be able to claim about € 192, - monthly from the Dutch government and that would reduce your actual monthly housing costs to € 475.

    Dutch students will have to arrange this themselves: see extra information at the bottom of this website.

    For any questions about booking your room at LUCIA please get in touch with Wolf Huisvestingsgroep at: or


  • All first year EUC students live together in LUCIA for the full duration of the academic year, starting from the 15th of August 2020 until the 13th of August 2021. EUC aims to establish an academic community among its students, and has   therefore embedded this residential requirement in its Academic Rules and Regulations.   

Move-in to LUCIA from 15 August

We are working with LUCIA and our introductory week team to plan a safe and welcoming move-in day on 15 August, in accordance with current Corona policies. We recognize that some of you may face delays due to Corona-related travel complications; we will closely follow developments and stay in touch with you. If you foresee certain issues, please let us know as soon as possible. Together with LUCIA we will still make efforts to allow you a warm but safe welcome to your new home in Rotterdam.