Arrange your Housing

All first year EUC students are required to live in the designated student housing LUCIA. It is important that you book your room and sign your housing contract well on time before the introduction week. You will be able to move into your accommodation from the 15th of August. You will receive instructions on how to book your room via email.

Booking your room

To start the process of booking your room you will receive an email from EUC with the instructions. A step-by-step guide of the process is listed below:

  • EUC communicates to the managers of LUCIA that you require a room in LUCIA, this will also be your primary contact for housing from now on.
  • Receive an email (around the end of March) confirming you have started the room booking process:
    • In case you applied early (at least before the early deadline) you can announce your room preference to the managers of the residence
    • Receive confirmation of your preference being registered
  • Receive email with instructions on how to sign your tenancy agreement and arrange the first payment
  • Sign tenancy agreement and arrange payment
  • Receive tenancy agreement back, this will be signed by the manager of LUCIA and also have your room type and number 
  • Your room is ready for you to move in starting from the 15th of August

Move in date - 15 August

The earliest date your room is ready for you is the 15th of August of each calendar year*. We recommend you to move in on this date since Erasmus University College staff and students will be there to welcome you. This will give you the earliest opportunity to start your orientation in Rotterdam as it will provide you a place to stay during both the general introduction period (Eurekaweek) and the warm welcome during the introduction week of Erasmus University College.

When you move in, the manager of LUCIA will make time to walk up to your room with you and inspect the room with you. Of course Erasmus University College staff is available for your questions but the manager of LUCIA is your primary contact for anything related to your room.

* The 15th of August will always be the starting date of a tenancy agreement in LUCIA unless the 15th of August is not a working day