Want to know what to budget for? On this page you can find information about the costs that all EUC students will face during their studies. For more detailed information on cost of living, financial planning, opening a bank account, and jobs, please consult the related EUR webpage

Cost overview

Academic year 

Dutch and EU/EEA students

Non EU/EEA students

Tuition fee+/- € 4.100 +/- € 12.000


+/- € 7.400*

+/- € 7.400*

Housing admin fee

€ 200 (one time payment)

€ 200 (one time payment)

Study materials

+/- € 1000

+/- € 1000

Personal expenses

+/- € 3.500

+/- € 3.500

EUCSA membership fee

€ 50

€ 50  

*Students might be eligible for rent benefit (huurtoeslag) from the Dutch government. This would effectively reduce annual costs by approximately €1.500. For more information visit (switch to English at the bottom of the page and search for 'rent benefit' and select the first available option). Additionally, take into account monthly municipal taxes that have to be paid by every Rotterdam citizen. They amount to approximately €40,-.

Please note: These tuition fees can be subject to change. Prior to the start of the academic year, tuition fees may be modified by the Dutch government. Erasmus University Rotterdam reserves the right to make changes affecting policies, fees, curricula, or any other matter announced in this publication without further notice.

The Budget Calculator is another useful budgeting tool in order to plan your expenses.

EU/EEA tuition fee or non-EU/EEA tuition fee?

In general, to be eligible to pay the EU/EEA tuition fee applicants need to meet all three of the following requirements:

  1. nationality, and
  2. residence, and
  3. registration/enrolment

You will meet the nationality requirement if:

  • you have a nationality from an European Economic Area (EEA) member state: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden or the United Kingdom;
  • you are a national of Switzerland or Suriname;
  • you have a different nationality, but you are eligible for a Dutch study grant from DUO.

You will meet the residence requirement if you live in the Netherlands, which is the case for all new students of Erasmus University College as they will live together at The Student Hotel in Rotterdam during their first year of studies. To be able to prove they meet the condition our first year students will register with the municipality of Rotterdam. To keep meeting this requirement you will need to live in the Netherlands in your following years of study as well.

You will meet the registration/enrolment requirement if you are successfully enrolling into our Bachelor’s degree programme in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and have not already obtained a Bachelor degree in the Netherlands. If you have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands before you start your studies at Erasmus University College, you will not meet this requirement. In this case you should expect to pay the non-EU/EEA tuition fee.


We require all our first-year students to live together in the centre of Rotterdam. For this we have arranged high quality housing close to the EUC building. Your housing costs will be approximately € 7.400 (including utilities) for the first year. Do note: Students might be eligible for rent benefit (huurtoeslag) from the Dutch government which, if attained, would effectively reduce the yearly rent by approximately € 1.500. For more information on rent benefit visit (switch to English at the bottom of the page and search for 'rent benefit' and select the first available option).

We recommend that our students keep living together after the first year, but this is not a requirement. The student housing market in Rotterdam is unlike the housing market in other Dutch cities and will usually provide you with a lot of choice, especially if you use your first year at Erasmus University College to scout your options. Depending on the market opportunities at that time and (chiefly) your preferences you could either spend less than € 5500 Euro’s per year on housing, or a lot more. However, € 5.500 Euro’s remains a good indicator of the costs (including utilities) for quality housing at a nice location.


The student association of Erasmus University College (or EUCSA) is a highly active organisation that organizes all kinds of events and activities for and by our students. Each year the students themselves decide on the membership fee for EUCSA, which then gives access to everything that is organised. For the academic year 2017/2018 the annual membership fee for EUCSA has been set at € 50.

You will pay your membership fee directly to EUCSA.