Academic Distinction

At Erasmus University College (EUC) we value the students who like to go the extra mile. Ambitious students will be able to capitalize on more opportunities, varying from eligibility for our Leadership Programme, to preference for exchange programmes at highly sought-after partner universities and the possibility to take on a higher study load during a semester.

We bestow academic distinction upon a proportion of our graduates who attain a specific final MLA (mastery-level average) over their courses during their studies at EUC:

Average Grade (MLA*)                                       

Academic Distinction                                               

55.0% - 69.9%

No distinction

70.0% - 77.4%


77.5% - 82.4%

Cum laude

82.5% or more

Summa cum laude

*Note: The MLA is calculated for the first course grades that were registered by EUC, meaning that any revised course grades from resits or retakes are not included. For more information, please consult the Academic Rules and Regulations (ARR).