Arts & Culture Programme RECLAIM Festival 2020

Online festival organized by Arts & Culture Programme students during the Covid-19 crisis. Visit the online platform.

In April 2020, the Arts & Culture Programme students organized 4-day festival during which they invited the EUC community to reclaim student life, quarantine, and their collective digital footprint. Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, the team had to move their festival online, and decided to RECLAIM the quarantine. The online platform created by the students empowers visitors to take part in forming the rules and the aesthetics of a place where we interact on a daily basis but usually do not get to directly dictate what these interactions look like. Be it EUC, Rotterdam, or the internet. The festival addressed various subjects through unusual perspectives, to highlight young, local talents and to put forward themes that matter to EUC students. Visitors to the festival could, among other activities, watch short films, participate in a doodling workshop, watch a debate on how the Covid-19 crisis impacts the climate crisis, share a sustainable lifestyle tip (and win a mushroom growing kit!), visit the exhibition room and dance to a jam session. While the festival has ended, you can still visit the website, where all the sessions and contributions are archived.  


One color per day.

Four colours.

Four rooms.

Four thematics.