EUC celebrates its 10th year anniversary

Erasmus University College (EUC) recently concluded its second Lustrum, marking a significant milestone of 10 years since its establishment in September 2013. 

Reflecting on 10 years of EUC's inspiring journey

This momentous occasion was a celebration of a decade of teaching, inspiring, and doing things differently in the field of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) education. Let's take a moment to recap the exciting events and honour the remarkable individuals who have contributed to EUC's success.

Engaging talks at the Kunsthal

The festivities began at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, where attendees gathered for an afternoon of insightful talks and reflections. Dr. Gera Noordzij, the director of EUC, set the stage with an inspiring opening address, expressing gratitude for the achievements and growth of the institution over the past 10 years.

Keynote address by Professor Teun Dekker

Professor Teun Dekker, a renowned expert in Liberal Arts & Sciences, captivated the audience with a thought-provoking keynote speech on “What can Liberal Arts & Sciences students do that Chat GPT can’t”. His address highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary education, encouraging students to embrace diverse perspectives and tackle complex challenges.

Inspiring with stories on doing things differently

The session titled "Doing Things Differently," featured inspiring talks from individuals who have made a significant impact within and beyond the EUC community. Slaven Monet, Ana Vasques, and Nabeel Khan, representing EUC students, staff, and alumni, shared their journeys of personal and professional growth. Their stories exemplified the spirit of EUC, demonstrating the power of passion, innovation, and creativity.

Celebrating extraordinary achievements with the Impact Awards

The event culminated in the Impact Award ceremony, where extraordinary individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the EUC community.

  • The Student Impact Award went to Fien van der Spek and the EUC exhibition team, who were commended for their captivating art installations that sparked meaningful conversations.
  • Eva Aarts and Waterweg received the Alumni Impact Award for their innovative approach to creating sustainable tiles from river dredge, showcasing creative and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Ana Vasques was the recipient of the Staff Impact Award, acknowledging her dedication to interdisciplinary and intercultural education on sustainability, empowering Erasmus students to become agents of positive change.
  • In special recognition, Cornelis Vink received the Umbra Erasmi Medal for his exceptional 25 years of service at Erasmus University. His invaluable contributions to EUC and the wider Erasmus community were celebrated, highlighting his unwavering commitment and remarkable achievements.

A night of reconnecting and celebrating

The festivities continued in the evening at the EUC building, where the EUC community was welcomed for a memorable homecoming and celebration party. The night was filled with joy, as students, staff and alumni reconnected, shared memories, and commemorated the collective journey over the past decade.

Looking ahead to the future of doing things differently

As the second Lustrum ended, EUC celebrated a decade of education, innovation, and impact. The event not only honoured the achievements of the institution but also highlighted the incredible individuals who have shaped and contributed to the EUC community.

Looking ahead, EUC remains committed to providing a transformative education that nurtures intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and global citizenship. With a solid foundation of 10 years of inspiring education, EUC continues to empower students to make a positive difference in the world.

See photos from the event

EUC 2nd Lustrum
  • EUC Lustrum Talk

EUC 2nd Lustrum

EUC Lustrum Talk
Erasmus University College celebrates 2nd Lustrum
EUC Lustrum Talk
Erasmus University College celebrates 2nd Lustrum

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