Erasmus University College Proud of Being Top-rated

The Studiekeuzegids 2021 showed EUC did it again, for the 4th time since its inception in 2012: the international undergraduate Honours’ Programme of the Erasmus University Rotterdam “Liberal Arts and Sciences” has been qualified as 'top rated'.

As it was in 2017, 2018, and 2020, proving EUC’s enormous drive to provide constant and top quality education. The hallmark definitely says something about the efforts of our hardworking and dedicated staff to provide the best possible education. We are very glad this is noted, highly esteemed, AND awarded.

Alas the National Student Survey (Dutch acronym NSE) was cancelled this spring due to the corona crisis. Since the Keuzegids Universiteiten is partly based on this survey, the 2021 edition had to rely on results from previous student surveys, plus indicators supplied by the universities themselves, and expert opinions. One thus could argue how meaningful this award actually is, considering the tremendous impact of corona, which forced all universities to switch rapidly to online education. That was a radical move, not really befitting EUC’s conviction that students predominantly benefit from live, small scale, intensive, and active education. But EUC is agile, and currently makes the best of it with hybrid education (on campus when possible, online if needed). Knowing how much our students appreciate being taught on campus, EUC is also confidently looking forward to next year’s NSE evaluation.