Erasmus University College's new art set-up

Have you noticed it already? A fresh art set-up has been installed at Erasmus University College! The new art that’s part of the Art Collection EUR features a total of 50 art pieces created by among others Sigrid Calon, Jeroen Bodewits, and Anuli Croon.

Sigrid Calon

A large portion of the artworks that were installed at EUC are created by Sigrid Calon. Over the years she has developed her own visual language. Calon analyses shapes and patterns from different techniques and crafts, varying from embroidery to computer processes. Her work is not illustrative nor figurative. It is autonomous and originates through experimentation, arrangement, and play. 

About the use of color and shapes she says: 'My work revolves around color, the power of color, the surprise of color, combinations with color, emotion of color. Besides color, form is also an important element, it's about the right combination and balance.’

Calon's monumental installation 'WOVEN GRIDS series SC_1' (2022), consisting of forty textile works, was acquired for the Art Collection EUR in 2023, and is now installed at Erasmus University College!

Jeroen Bodewits

'A travelogue reflecting the wonder about a country that imperceptibly got under my skin’. This is how Jeroen Bodewits described his collection of serigraphs entitled Planet Russia. The work of the artist is teeming with contradictions, based on his travel experiences in Russia. Nothing is what it seems: the viewer is constantly put on the wrong track.

Pieces from the series Planet Russia can be viewed on the second floor of the EUC building!

Anuli Croon

Another artist whose work can be found at the EUC building is Anuli Croon. Her artworks refer to classic figures as well to cartoonlike figures and contemporary advertising with pattern-like elaborations, which places the artwork right in the here and now. 

A senior lecturer at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam stated about Croon’s work: Anuli Croon paints in the vein of the cartoon. The work is extraordinarily colorful. The work looks simple without being simplistic. The two-dimensional representation conforms totally to the flat plane of the canvas or the wall. The coloration is mostly clear and primary. The paintings pair analysis with intuition. They present riddles to the viewer.

Whether you are studying at, working at, or just visiting the Erasmus University College building, make sure to take the time to check out all the 50 art pieces that are part of the Erasmus University art collection!

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