EUC 2023 Graduation Ceremony

Class of 2023 EUC graduation
EUC 2023 graduation caps
Eric Fecken

With an air of excitement and a sense of accomplishment, the Erasmus University College Class of 2023 came together on the 18th of August to mark their graduation.

EUC’s class of 2023 graduation

It all started the evening before the ceremony, as the graduates collected their gowns. During drinks, they delved into three years of student memories, soaking in the festive atmosphere. Gathered at the splendid Aula of Woudestein campus, 137 graduates, accompanied by proud families and friends, celebrated the completion of their bachelor’s degrees.

Opening the grand ceremony

Hosted by the student counsellor Katie Lopriore, the ceremony opened with the presentation of the graduating class followed by a grand procession of academics and esteemed guests. Director of EUC, Dr. Gera Noordzij, began the series of speeches and performances, inviting the audience into a world of memories and recognition.

EUC graduation procession students
Eric Fecken
EUC graduation Kees Vink speech
Eric Fecken

Diploma and a piece of EUC in hand

A graduation wouldn’t be completed without the ceremonial reading of names and diploma hand out. And just like that each student graced the stage to receive their diploma. During four rounds EUC’s department heads: Prof. dr. Kees Vink, Tristan Kik, Sanne Koevoets, and Ward Vloeberghs awarded the diplomas and shared inspiring thoughts.

Just as the graduates have become a part of EUC they have also received a part of EUC to carry into their new endeavours. Each of them was gifted a named piece of marble that once made the EUC building, symbolising the journey and the bond.

Spotlighting EUC’s artistic talent

EUC is brimming with artistic talent. During the interlude Nadine Rijpkema, dual-degree EUC student, captivated the aula with a guitar performance on arriving in Rotterdam as a 1st year student. The ceremony culminated with heartfelt, self-authored poetry by Cindy Steward.

Nadine Rijpkema guitar performance
Nadine Rijpkema's performance
Eric Fecken
Cindy Steward EUC Graduation
Cindy Steward's poetry
Eric Fecken

Part of EUC community for life

Welcoming new alumni, Mr. Amadeo Reijnierse paved the way to future connections, as the graduates officially joined the EUC students Alumni Community (ACES).

With hats in the air a chapter closes and a new begins

The ceremony has finished and the crowd, now composed of new alumni, exited in an orderly fashion. The graduates commemorated their achievement with the classic toss of their hats, marking the end of a chapter. The evening continued with festive drinks where graduates, staff and guests mingled and celebrated.

Erasmus University College congratulates all our 2023 graduates! We are proud of you, and we will miss you. As the curtain falls on this chapter, we wish all of you success and fulfilment in the exciting chapters ahead.

EUC graduates photo
Eric Fecken
EUC graduation 2023 crowd
Eric Fecken

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