International Criminal Court meets EUC: mock Moot Court

Moot court - team and judges ICC

Students of the International Criminal Law course competed in a mock Moot Court Competition as their final assignment on 18 May.

What made this mock Moot Court very special was that the presiding judge in the competition was Judge Socorro Flores of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The other two judges were Dr. Alina Balta of the ICC and Dr. Ania Salinas, who not only is a legal officer at the ICC but also was the lecturer for the Course. With this exercise, students got a deeper understanding of how international criminal justice works and got first hand experience in presenting a case before a real judge.

Here are some of the insights which students gained by participating in the mock Moot Court:

"Participating in Moot Courts is not only a great chance to bond with people who have the same interests and goals but also gives us the unique opportunity to see how our future life will look like. It was a very valuable experience to work together with people who already established themselves in the field and to gain an insight into the daily work of a legal professional." - Hannah Wind

"Experiencing and participating in a Moot Court offers valuable experience that is unable to be gained in other facets in legal study. It teaches you great research skills when composing a memorial, and it culminates into the final oral competition, where critical thinking to answer impromptu questions can catch you off guard. Nonetheless, this experience of preparing memorials and competing in front of judges and lawyers from the ICC offered us as students the experience to simulate the real experiences of lawyers." - Shakti Jacota

"The EUC internal moot court competition has offered us students an amazing way to apply all the knowledge we had learned throughout the quad, while also having a taste of what a real-life court simulation at the ICC felt like. Being a great way to practice public speaking in court, I am very grateful for this experience, and recommend it to all other students interested in pursuing a law degree." - Alberto Subiotto Marques

Moot court EUC - team presentations
Moot court EUC - judges ICC
Moot court - team and judges ICC

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