Introducing the EUC Management Team's New Student Representative.

In the ever-changing landscape of academic institutions, student representation is considered essential for effective communication, collaboration, and positive change. The EUC Management Team is proud to introduce the Student Representative for the Academic Year 2023/2024 - Agnija. In a brief interview, we had the opportunity to delve into the insights, aspirations, and vision of Agnija who will be the voice of the student body within the EUC community:

Can you give us an introduction of yourself?

My name is Agnija. I am a third year at EUC, majoring in International Law. I am the new student representative for the EUC Management Team.

What is your academic background and how did it lead you to join the MT as a student rep?

I was a PDT (Personal Development Track) peer mentor for the past 2 years. This gave me a lot of knowledge on how EUC runs and different organizational issues, as well as how students from different years experience it. I learned a lot about the complaints from students from different years and I stay on top of changes in the study plan process and the curriculum. 

What motivated you to become the student representative of the EUC management team?

I wanted to help better the community. You get to have your opinions heard and let my fellow students voice their opinions. It seemed that it could be useful and helpful.

Can you outline your role as the student representative of the management team and the specific responsibilities you handle?

My tasks involve asking around and bringing in different complaints, feedback, and suggestions from fellow students. I also actively attend the biweekly meetings with the Management Team during which different topics are discussed such as the EUC building, facilities, student life, sustainability etc. Some issues we have discussed are the issue with entry-cards at EUC or having some more career-oriented workshops to help students with what they do after EUC. We sometimes go into the curriculum as a whole, but points concerning the specific classes usually go to the Programme Committee. The Management Team mainly focuses o policies and cases that affect the university as a whole. 

How does being a part of the management team align with your long-term personal and professional goals?

I hope to follow an academic career, so it is good to see the university from a faculty perspective. Having meetings about how a university functions. After I graduate from EUC, I hope to pursue a master’s in International Law or Legal Research.

How do you prefer to communicate and gather input from your fellow students? How can students reach out to you if they have any questions or input?

If the students know me, they can come up to me anytime. Otherwise, they can reach out to me by sending an email to or texting me at +371 29276988. Depending on what the students want, their complaints can also be completely anonymous. Even if you think your complaint isn’t maybe related directly to the management team, I can still bring it to the right person.

Lastly, what is your favourite thing about EUC?

My favourite thing about EUC is the ability to choose your own path. You’re not confined to a specific class program, so you have a lot of flexibility. The people are also nice! 

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