Project Development Course for First-Year Students

“How is climate change visually represented in newspapers?”

“How are women represented in Heineken beer commercials?”

“How is Brexit depicted in pro-leave news media?”

“How are minorities portrayed in luxury fashion brand campaigns?”

These are just some of the questions that were asked by students during the course Project Development. For this course all  EUC first year students completed a research project using content analysis from start to finish. They analysed a set of images they picked out themselves to study the way our world is represented and made meaningful in visuals.

Now the students wish to share their findings with a greater audience through posters they created themselves. Please check out the whole poster collection.

What their research projects demonstrate is how powerful visuals are in today’s society. Images surround us every minute of the day. Be it on TV, internet, magazines or billboards on the side of the road. And these images not just mirror our world, but they interpret and display it in very particular ways. And as such they create our society.

Students delved into the various ways gender and ethnicity are represented on magazine covers, in films and fashion campaigns. They looked at how certain political movements, actors, and topics are portrayed in news media. But also how certain products or cities are marketed. And what kind of visual strategies were used in war propaganda.


Porject Development Posters

Climate change in newspapers


Redevelopment projects in Rotterdam

Body type portrayal