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Rapid change necessitates a new type of cultural professional with an advanced, critical approach to arts and culture’s role in both the local environment and global economy. With a Master’s degree from Erasmus University’s Arts and Culture Studies program, you will learn the skills required to be leader in this new era for the arts and culture sector. The master programme, Arts, Culture and Society is ideally suited to true culture lovers who wish to turn their passion into a career. The programme prepares you for management, policy or communication positions with companies and cultural institutions such as museums, theatre companies and orchestras, broadcasters and publishers. But even if your ambition is a policy or management position with the government or a role in academic education and research then this master is an excellent choice.

It is nice to look at trends and movements in the cultural sector from a distance.
Ilse van de Kamp
Alumnus Arts, Culture and Society (2013)
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The master was meant to deepen my knowledge, but was also a next step in my career.
Judith Ensel
Alumnus Arts, Culture and Society (2006)
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I look back at a fun period that shaped who I am.
Pieter-Jan Oddens
Alumnus Arts, Culture and Society (2013)
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