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Master Marketing at Erasmus School of Economics

Our marketing programme distinguishes itself from others by offering a combination of marketing practice and academic marketing insights, based on the latest data and analysis tools in economics and marketing as well as practice cases. The unique combination of models, structures and real-life practice cases covers the entire marketing area – from strategic marketing, target market selection and positioning, b-to-b and b-to-c segmentation, operational marketing plan, branding as well as measuring and quantification of marketing effectiveness.
In an age where your ability to use data and your flexibility to use both traditional as well as new media to contact and influence consumers and businesses is crucial, obtaining your marketing degree at Erasmus School of Economics will fully prepare you for the marketing practice in competitive markets.
During the programme you will address questions such as:

  • How can we use data science to optimise the customer’s online experience?
  • How can models, structures and insights help us to understand real-life examples?
  • How can we translate the latest theoretical insights into successful practical applications?
  • What is it we can learn from the wide variety of marketing practice cases?

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    Is this the right choice for you?

    Do you want a serious marketing job once you have finished your study? Do you already envision what it is you would like to do as brand manager, product manager or marketing manager? Or would you like to approach marketing from the distributor’s perspective, e.g. as a category manager? Our curriculum is designed to develop expertise in three key areas: product & brand management, marketing analytics and sales & account management. The programme combines and applies the latest marketing insights and models with the day-to-day practice of marketing operations, market research and international business and consumer marketing. Therefore, it is highly appreciated by international corporations as well as domestic small and medium sized enterprises and offers you excellent chances to obtain an attractive marketing job.

    The marketing programme at Erasmus School of Economics is an excellent choice if you recognise yourself in the profile below:

    • During your bachelor you have laid a good foundation in economics.
    • Statistics and mathematics are subjects you enjoy and feel comfortable with.
    • Combining out-of-the-box thinking with a pragmatic approach comes naturally for you.
    • You are always eager to discover the world and your role in it.

    Why study Marketing in Rotterdam?

    The marketing department of the Erasmus School of Economics is by all accounts one of the top marketing science groups in Europe. Here in Rotterdam, you will learn from lecturers who contribute regularly to major academic publications and have close ties to business life as well, ranging from SMEs to multinationals, very much including marketing practice experience they will share with you. The consistent and integrated use of data, analysis and insights will improve your decision-making capacity and this will help you to ensure company growth and improved profitability. The department has trained more current and former top executives than any other marketing group in the Netherlands. This is due to the intellectual, academic rigour as well as the practice experience you gain during the programme.

    Do you aspire to become one of the next thought leaders in marketing and do you want to join the list and network of our thousands of marketing alumni? Do you share our students’ intellectual curiosity, analytical reasoning, creativity, team spirit and open-mindedness? In that case, our marketing programme is an excellent choice.

    This study will bring you:

    • Frequent interactions with companies, ranging from guest lecturers, workshops and cases to career events
    • A highly valued Marketing Master’s degree, which is very much appreciated by companies and institutions looking for new and young marketing talent
    • Award-winning, frequently published professors with excellent business community connections
    • A valued degree from an established and recognized institute that is consistently ranked in the top.
    This study gave me the best possible preparation for working in the marketing field.
    Paul Standaart
    Alumnus Master in Marketing
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    This master enabled me to think practically and see which issues real marketers face.
    Lidia Lüttin
    Alumna Master in Marketing
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    This master provided a solid footing from which I have benefitted during my career.
    Paul Schuilwerve
    Alumnus Master in Marketing
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