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Media & Business
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Media & Business is one of the five master Media Studies specialisations. As a Media & Business student, you will explore developments and ways in which media firms and other companies adapt to altering business conditions and new modes of communication and business. Scroll down to have a look at the study programme for the academic year 2024 – 2025.

What you will learn

Using different research techniques, you will be able to uncover challenges faced by companies, entrepreneurs and policymakers in the media industries and other business fields. By exploring the impact of new media technologies on existent business models as well as their innovative potential, you will become an expert in the field.

Course overview

Below you can view the programme of Media & Business for this year.

Study Schedule

Term 1

Course code: CM4101

Student workload: 5 EC

Corporate Management with Social MediaCM41025 EC
Media Economics and Media ManagementCM4103

Term 1-2

Course code: CM4304

Student workload: 10 EC

Term 2

Course code: CM4161

Student workload: 5 EC

Advertising, Gender and the BodyCM41585 EC 
Corporate Social Responsibility CommunicationCM4120 
Culture, New Media & International BusinessCM4108 
Future Studies as a Strategic Tool for Media FirmsCM4163 
Global AdvertisingCM4154 
Diversity & Inclusion in Strategic CommunicationCM4160 

Term 3

Course code: CM4114

Student workload: 5 EC

Fashion Brand Activism and Social MediaCM41125 EC
Entrepreneurship in Media and BusinessCM4109
Leadership Communication: Strategies and Trends*CM4110
Roaming the Digital World: Data Analytics for Business & SocietyCM4104
Digital News Media: Consumption & EngagementCM4111
Strategic Mass CommunicationCM4605

Term 1-4

Course code: CM5050

Student workload: 20 EC

* Content, themes and scheduling of Elective Seminars and Research Workshops is subject to change and may vary in subsequent academic years.
*The capacity of Elective Seminars and Research Workshops is limited. Students have the opportunity to indicate their course interests. Allocation will be done by the Programme Office. 

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