Key user Hora Finita

From registering, progress monitoring up to and including the PhD defence procedure, all these processes run through Hora Finita. The application offers guidance in completing and fulfilling all mandatory aspects in the PhD track. You’ll be notified by Hora Finita when you need to act.

Who works with Hora Finita?

The PhD candidate, the (co)supervisors, the dean, the administrative secretariat, Graduate Schools Officers and the Beadle Office each have a specific role in Hora Finita.

Important to know

  • You can only log in to Hora Finita with your staff login.

The role of the key user

Key users are responsible for the accuracy of the data in Hora Finita regarding the PhD candidates in their faculty or graduate school. Additionally, key users are the first line of contact for PhD candidates, (co)supervisors, deans and the administrative secretariat in case of questions or issues regarding Hora Finita.

Key users can have various responsibilities within Hora Finita, such as:

  • Making sure that newly appointed PhD’s are registered in Hora Finita.
  • Check if the PhD’s fill in the required data and confirm the registration.
  • Approaching functional management for requests from the faculties or graduate school, such as authorizing secretaries to have access to Hora Finita.
  • Generating overview reports.
  • Monitoring of the ongoing PhD tracks.
  • Making sure that PhD’s meet the requirements when they start the defence procedure.

Register a new key user

If there are changes regarding the key users within your faculty or graduate school (such as adding a new key user), then please contact Functional Management ( New key users will be given access to more detailed manuals and will be invited to key user meetings.

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