FAQ about Hora Finita

Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions:

  • A non-Dutch, certified Master diploma must be validated by the Admissions Office. A copy will be made and certified for archive purposes. Certification of a non-Dutch diploma can be done by an embassy, any other competent authority or a solicitor/notary. 
  • A Dutch Master diploma can be certified by the Beadle’s Office.

The assessment of the knowledge level of a candidate for a PhD is a responsibility of the Faculty, with the Rector Magnificus as the ultimate responsible person. The candidate must prove eligibility by uploading a portfolio (so far), a CV and a letter of appraisal of the promoter.

It is possible to deviate from the 'standard'. Three promoters and/or co-promoters can, therefore, be registered in Hora Finita. The Dean advises the Rector Magnificus who must ultimately give permission. It is allowed to assign three supervisors from different departments.

Any variation of a joint/double degree can be recorded during the registration, together with a number of basic data. If there is already an agreement, it can be attached (uploaded). If such an agreement comes later, the Hora Finita contact person of the Faculty or Graduate School can add it to the file. A paper version must also be kept.

The individual courses are registered and approved in Hora Finita. This records the number of ECs achieved. 
You have the option to add a certificate to the file. 

In the manuals, you can find a detailed timeline of the graduation process (‘Timeline graduation’), from submitting the manuscript to submitting the doctoral thesis to the repository.

You will have access to Hora Finita as soon as your faculty contact sends you the Hora Finita registration form. This is only possible once your ERNA ID (EUR) or microsection number (Erasmus MC) has been created. Please note: it will take 24 hours before your faculty contact gets an automatic notification. If you have received your EUR / Erasmus MC login details and after a few days you have not yet received a message to fill in the registration form, please contact your faculty contact person.

All external PhD candidates should be in possession of a hospitality agreement (GVO) to receive their ERNA ID (EUR) or microsection number (Erasmus MC).

If you’re registered in Hora Finita you’ll see your dashboard. On this dashboard, the section ‘(training)activities and milestones’ gives an overview of the current status of the obtained EC’s. To register a course/activity follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link ‘Open training overview page’.
  2. Click ‘New’ on the bottom right of the page.
  3. On this page, new training activities can be added by searching through the catalogue, equipped with training activities of different faculties. By clicking on one of the training activities in the dropdown list, the system will automatically provide activity type, title, and the number of ECs rated. Fields as start date and end date need to be filled in manually and are mandatory.
  4. When all data has been entered, click ‘Save’ at the bottom right corner of the page. An email will monthly be sent to the daily supervisor for approval of the teaching activities.

Note: To manually add a training activity (e.g. external courses or conferences not available in the dropdown list) enter the specifics in the boxes yourself. To get a training activity approved and receive the rated ECs, please upload proof of attendance (e.g. a certificate). Drag the document into the dotter frame or click ‘Browse’ to upload it.

Under the tab ‘TSP’ in Hora Finita, you can upload your (signed) TSP. For more information on the TSP, please contact your faculty contact.

It is possible that your faculty isn’t yet using this feature. Contact your faculty contact for more information.

Please contact your faculty contact

You should contact the Beadle’s Office with this request, please contact them by email (pedel@eur.nl) or by phone (+ 31 10 408 10 06). ISS employees can contact the PhD Support Office (pst@iss.nl). 

When you’re registered as a supervisor in the PhD track.

When you are assigned by the supervisor (and this assignment is approved), you as a committee member will automatically receive an email with a link and follow-up instructions.

You’re automatically invited by email to view the reviews - as soon as they have all been received - and asked to submit a final assessment.

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