• Failing with a smile: Europe’s story of political mediocrity and populism

    Martin de Jong wonders whether liberal-democratic Europe is in need of a quantum leap in the quality of leadership.
  • Is Capitalism more than Hasbro’s Monopoly?

    Capitalism may have brought us a dramatic increase in economic growth, but its post-war neo-liberal incarnation seems to have created exclusive wealth for the few rather than inclusive prosperity for the many. Martin de Jong wonders whether the familiar boardgame Monopoly can throw any light on the future of capitalism
  • DoIP Spotlight: Daniela Garcia-Caro Briceno

    In a monthly interview series, the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative turns the spotlights on one of their PhD candidates. We learn more about their research projects, their link with inclusive prosperity and their long term goals. This edition features Daniela Garcia-Caro Briceno who studies the sustainable f

Interview with Prof. Martin de Jong

Scientific Director of the Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity Initiative

Read the Interview (in Dutch)


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