NWO Spinoza Prize

Spinoza Prize

The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest award in Dutch academia. Each year, NWO awards the NWO Spinoza Prizes to three or four researchers working in the Netherlands who according to international standards belong to the absolutely best researchers worldwide. The NWO Spinoza Laureates do outstanding and groundbreaking research with broad impact. They are an inspiration for early-stage researchers.

Spinoza 2022

  • Prof.dr.ir. Thea Hilhorst

    More than 274 million people around the world will depend on humanitarian aid this year because of war, natural disasters and poverty. At the International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Professor of Humanitarian Studies Thea Hilhorst studies the role that aid plays in these situations. She is regarded as one of the founders of the relatively new discipline of humanitarian studies. Her work is extremely relevant for addressing some of the major challenges we face today, including international migration, climate change and pandemics.

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