Veni Grants

With a Veni grant, scholars are enabled to develop their research for the coming three years. Talented researchers are granted a maximum of 250,000 euros. In 2018, several scholars of Erasmus University Rotterdam have received a Veni grant from the NWO.

Veni grants in 2018

Lieke Oldenhof
Lieke Oldenhof
Customized or arbitrary care at the kitchen table?
Read an interview with Lieke (in Dutch)
Jelle de Vries
Jelle de Vries
Hands-on or hands-off? Human behavior in modern Operations Management
Hiejab Adams
Hieab Adams
Brain genes in 3D
Inge de Kok
Inge de Kok
How can we efficiently reduce the dementia burden?
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Lieke Kros
Interplay of brain areas in autism
Marco Medici
Marco Medici
Personalized management of thyroid disease
Esther Warnert
Esther Warnert
Oxygen delivery to the brain
Joshua White
Joshua White
Dr J.J. (Joshua) White (m), Erasmus MC - Neuroscience Walking is a very complicated task, which many people with genetic disorders are unable to successfully accomplish. This project aims to understand how neurons are organised and active for complex mo

Veni grants in the previous years

    • Henk-Jan Boele (Erasmus MC) - New brain connections
    • Daphne van de Bongardt (Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences) - Lovely sex or sexy love?
    • Miao-Ping Chien (Erasmus MC) - Identification, Isolation and Analysis of Single Cancer Stem Cells
    • Patrick Forbes (Erasmus MC) - Unravelling the brain’s internal sensory and motor models of standing
    • Rogier Quaedvlieg (Erasmus School of Economics) - Extracting more information from high-frequency data: Looking for signs of direction through Realized Semicovariances
    • Jolien Rijlaarsdam (Erasmus MC) - General psychopathology greater than the sum of its parts? Environmental and epigenetic risk from prenatal life to adolescence
    • Dan Schley (Rotterdam School of Management) - Self-Control without the Self: The Numerical Aggregation System and Overconsumption
    • Karen Stegers-Jager (Erasmus MC) - Fatal first impressions?
    • Tianshi Wang (Erasmus MC) - New imaging technique sees the heart attack before it happens
    • Christope Lembregts (Rotterdam School of Management)
    • Virginie Verhoeven (Erasmus MC)
    • Rogier van Reekum (Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences)
    • Sonja Swansom (Erasmus MC)
    • Luc Coffeng (Erasmus MC)
    • Sebastiaan Breedveld (Erasmus MC)
    • Hester Lingsma (Erasmus MC)
    • Laura Zwaan (Erasmus MC)
    • Edith Leung (Erasmus School of Economics)
    • Stefan Barakat (Erasmus MC)
    • Karen Oude Hengel (Erasmus MC)
    • Ralph Stadhouders (Erasmus MC)
    • Esther de Bekker-Grob (Erasmus MC)
    • Joke van Bemmel (Erasmus MC)
    • Veerle Bergink (Erasmus MC)
    • Laura Braden (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication)
    • Ayşe Demirkan (Erasmus MC)
    • Mostafa Mohkles (Erasmus MC)
    • Maryam Kavousi (Erasmus MC)
    • Gabriele Paolacci (Rotterdam School of Management)
    • Cristina Gontan Pardo (Erasmus MC)
    • Niels Rietveld (Erasmus School of Economics)
    • Pauline van Schouwenburg (Erasmus MC)
    • Ferry Cornelissen (Erasmus MC)
    • Klazina Kooiman (Erasmus MC)
    • Willem de Koster (Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences)
    • Monika Lisjak (Rotterdam School of Management)
    • Roberto Narcisi (Erasmus MC)
    • Jan Stoop (Erasmus School of Economics)
    • Lars Tummers (Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences)
    • Zhenyu Gao (Erasmus MC)
    • Amanranta de Haan (Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences)
    • Ana Bobinac (Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management)
    • Bregje van Eekelen (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication)
    • Conrad Heilmann (Erasmus School of Philosophy)
    • Gustavo Higuera (Erasmus MC)
    • Jan Hontelez (Erasmus MC)
    • Hans van Kippersluis (Erasmus School of Economics)
    • Debby van Riel (Erasmus MC)
    • Maarten Titulaer (Erasmus MC)
    • Jeroen van der Waal (Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences)
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