Vici Grants

Vici is a funding instrument from the Talent Scheme. Several senior researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam have been awarded this grant and given the opportunity to build up their own research group, often in anticipation of a tenured professorship.

Vici grants in 2023

  • Virtual biopsy of brain tumours - Prof Marion Smits

    In order to get a proper diagnosis of a brain tumour - and to determine the optimal treatment for it - tissue currently needs to be cut from the tumour: a surgical biopsy. The patient must therefore undergo an operation to do so. Prof Marion Smits, radiologist at Erasmus MC, is looking for methods to make this tissue diagnosis just as well with MRI scans. The Vici grant will allow her to develop an innovative line of research and expand her own research group over the next five years. Read more about Prof. Marion Smits.

    Prof. dr. Marion Smits, radiologist at Erasmus MC

Vici grants of previous years

Overview of the researcher who won a Vici grant in 2022:

The research by Sander Herfst, virologist at Erasmus MC, determines the factors necessary for efficient transmission of these respiratory viruses between people. The results may help in risk assessment and prevention of new virus outbreaks in the future. Herfst can develop an innovative line of research for five years and build up his own research group. Read more about Sander Herfst.

Overview of the two researchers who won a Vici grant in 2020:

The research conducted by Professor Xandra Kramer, Professor in Private Law at Erasmus School of Law, is entitled: How do we keep civil justice affordable in Europe? Access to justice to enforce rights is crucial for consumers and businesses, but the cost and financing of justice are under pressure. The researchers evaluate alternative pathways to fund civil procedures and share the costs of civil justice in a number of countries and at the European level. Read more about Xandra Kramer's research.

Migraine is a highly debilitating disease, especially in women. Moreover, it is an important cardiovascular risk factor. The project From Headache to Heartache by Professor Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, a pharmacologist at Erasmus MC, studies why specifically women get more migraines, how to specifically treat women and how to mitigate that cardiovascular risk in migraine, taking into account potential cardiovascular risks of antimigraine medication. Read more about dr. Antoinette Maassen van den Brink.

Overview of the two researchers who won a Vici grant in 2019:

Dr Marleen de Bruijne is developing computer techniques to discover new patterns in large collections of medical imaging data related to diseases such as stroke and lung disease. This will help predict the patient’s risk of developing a disease, leading to better, more personalised treatment and perhaps even disease prevention.

DNA damage impedes transcription. This can result in severe cellular dysfunction and accelerated aging. Dr ir Jurgen Marteijn will use an innovative microscopic analysis method to study effects of DNA damage on transcription in living cells. Combined with advanced protein analysis, the scientists will study how cells cope with transcription-blocking DNA damage. 

In 2018, Dr Gijs van Soest received a grant of 1,5 million euros to study arteriosclerosis. with the Vici grant, Van Soest wants to study biochemical traces, to learn how we can prevent cerebral and cardiac infarcts.

Overview of the researcher who won a Vici grant in 2017:

Prof.dr. Henning Tiemeier (Erasmus MC) has been awarded a Vici grant for his research on adolescent depression: one and a half million euros to develop his own innovative research line for the next five years.

Vici Grant

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