Vidi Grants

Vidi is a funding instrument in the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme. It allows researchers who have already spent several years doing postdoctoral research to develop their own innovative line of research, and to appoint one or more researchers for this. Many scholars of Erasmus University Rotterdam were able to further their research by obtaining a Vidi grant. They study issues such as fatherhood in the 21th century, racial stereotypes in sports journalism and the role of the enzyme CAMK2 in the development of the brain.

Vidi grants in 2018

Portret Aleksandra Badura
Brain activity underlying stereotyped behaviours in autism spectrum disorder
Dr A.M. (Aleksandra) Badura
Erasmus MC, Department of Neuroscience
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Portret Daniel Curtis
Positively Shocking! The redistributive impact of mass mortality through epidemic diseases.
Dr D.R. (Daniel) Curtis
Erasmus School for History, Culture and Communication
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Portret Willem de Koster
Curious cases of public opinion.
Dr W. (Willem) de Koster
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
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The (none) making of a criminal.
Prof. O.R. (Olivier) Marie
Erasmus School of Economics
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Portret Debby van Riel
Respiratory viruses unmasked: exploring their neurotropic potential.
Dr D. (Debby) van Riel
Erasmus MC, Department of Viroscience
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Portret Jacco van Sterkenburg
Racial stereotypes in football journalism. How does the audience respond?
Dr J.C. (Jacco) van Sterkenburg
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
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Portret Rik Vos
Perfusion of the cardiac muscle – QUANTO
Dr. ir. H.J. (Rik) Vos
Erasmus MC, Biomedical Engineering
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Geeske van Woerden
CAMK2 and brain development: inseparably linked?
Dr G.M. (Geeske) van Woerden
Erasmus MC, Department of Neuroscience
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Vidi grants of previous years

    • Social welfare and dependency passed on from parents to children

    • ELectrical bIoMarkers guided Individualized Diagnosis And ThErapy of Atrial Fibrillation (ELIMINATE - AF)

    • Dads, dimes and quarters

    • Monitoring foetal hormones using the mother's blood

    • Advanced canced patients' control over their situation

    • Dutch culture wars?

Vidi Grant