Erasmus University Rotterdam aims to contribute to better health worldwide by promoting smarter choices. Since health and health care are complex themes, the Erasmus Initiative ‘Smarter Choices for Better Health’ will be making a targeted investment in long-term multidisciplinary research.

SCBH invites applications from early-career researchers (i.e., PhD students, or academic staff up to 5 years after PhD) to undertake research on any topic of relevance to SCBH and its Action Lines. The total budget for the call is €50,000 and each project can apply for at most € 10,000.

The application process is currently not available. The expected opening of the new round is end of 2024. If interested, please send a mail to Hans van Kippersluis;

The SCBH Seed Grant call offers financial support for early-career researchers at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC on research related to the themes of  SCBH. These awards are provided to cover the cost of the expenses arising from starting up a defined research project (e.g., data acquisition, primary data collection, running a small-scale lab or field experiment, hiring research assistants, etc.).

Applicants may seek support for any combination of eligible activities and costs up to the overall limit of € 10,000. Applications will be assessed equally on their merits, with no preference as to mode of inquiry.

Grants are not intended to support individual conference visits or travel by staff, even where this involves the dissemination of the results of research directly associated with the theme of the Initiative.

Grants are also not intended for the continuation or promotion of research already undertaken at the university. The scheme is specifically designed to boost new prime interdisciplinary research. The scheme cannot be used to cover the cost of replacement teaching, payment in lieu of salary.

Awards are open to all early-career (i.e., up to 5 years after PhD) academic staff at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC, not limited to partner schools of SCBH. However, in order to be eligible, applications to the SCBH Seed Grant call should meet the following criteria:

  • demonstrate a clear link with the themes of Smarter Choices for Better Health, including any of the identified subthemes and research agendas associated with the Action Lines;
  • ensure that funds are sought for a clearly defined, distinct activity or piece of research, which will have an identifiable outcome on completion (e.g., a working paper, or publication).
  • include a budget that clearly shows how the requested amount will be spent.

The level of the award is up to € 10,000. Grants are tenable up to 12 months. The successful applicant will receive 75% of the rewarded grant upfront, the remaining 25% will be paid after the receipt of the short report (see hereunder).

The application process is currently not available. The expected opening of the new round is end of 2024. If interested, please send a mail to Hans van Kippersluis;

  • Transgender Transitioning – Elisa de Weerd (ESE)
  • Biased Health Perceptions or Private Information? – Jannis Stockel (ESHPM)
  • Taboo trade-off aversion: a discrete choice model and application to healthcare decisions Nicholas Smeele (ESHPM)
  • Within and Between Group Inequality Aversion: An Experiment on Socioeconomic Health Inequality – Matthew Robson (ESE)
  • The impact of home births on child and maternal health outcomes – Joaquim Vidiella-Martin (ESE)

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