Advisory Committee for Notices of Objection – Research Ethics Review

Researchers who have received a decision with which they do not agree can file an objection with the Dean. The Dean will seek the advice of the Ethics Review department of the Notices of Objection Committee. This department functions in the same way as the Notices of Objection Committee (click here for more information - only available in Dutch).  

Filing a notice of objection 

The term for submitting a notice of objection is six weeks. The period shall begin on the day following the date of the decision letter. 

You can send your notice of objection to: 

The Dean of [School] 

Attn. Adviescommissie voor de bezwaarschriften (ACB) 

Postbus 1738 / 3000 DR Rotterdam 

You can also send your objection via email: 

Your objection should include: 

• your name, address and signature; 

• your telephone number and email address; 

• the date of your objection; 

• a copy of the decision; 

• the grounds for your objection. 

If your notice of objection is in a foreign language and a translation is necessary for the objection to be properly dealt with, you have to arrange for a translation.    

(This is a translation only, Dutch text prevails) 

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