Economic impact and monitoring

Ports are an essential element in international transport chains and have a major economic importance for world trade, countries and policy. There are different types of ports; inland, sea, industrial and cruise ports. And all of these ports have a different economic impact.

The economic impact that a port has is important knowledge for policy makers and companies. Clear insight in the economic impact is essential to make strategic decisions. Erasmus UPT delivers evidence-based and fundamental research to make well founded decisions in strategy.

Research questions in monitoring

How much is the employment, both direct and indirect, in my port and how did it develop in recent years? Results that give a concrete and accurate picture of the economic value of the port; what does it actually deliver? How much employment is there in and around the port? How much added value does this activity realise in the port? These and other examples of effects define the economic impact of a port in a country. 

Monitoring economic impact

To ensure that you as a stakeholder always have the best figures available, Erasmus UPT can monitor the economic impact of your port. Our experts have a profound experience with monitoring the economic impact of ports, for example via the sea- and inland port monitor.

What can Erasmus UPT can do for you?

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