Port - city ecosystems

The international competitiveness of port cities is strongly related with its capability to accommodate technological and economic transitions. This requires perspectives that focus on the interplay between economic and spatial conditions.

Important in these perspectives is the exploiting crossover potentials between the service- and amenities-based urban economies and the production and distribution based port economies.

Interactions in transition

Considering the port and city as part of an ecosystem allows us:

  • to map various economic interactions that exist between the port and urban economy,
  • to understand how local clusters connect with global networks and value chains.

Insights in these interactions and connections and how they complement each other are fundamental to cope with various transitions (energy transition, digitization), foster entrepreneurship and human capital and to cater for a sustainable future.  

Evidence-based policy interventions

The experts of Erasmus UPT provide theoretically-informed and evidence-based policy interventions that fundamentally update conventional approaches to port-city development. Drawing on evolutionary and network-based methodologies we indicate strategic lessons for cities to move beyond their often pure real estate-led waterfront transformation agendas.

Through scenario planning we help stakeholders deal with uncertainties, augment possible futures and draw strategic implications for their business and region.

Call for us more insights on:

  • Mapping port city ecosystems 
  • International comparative analysis and benchmarking
  • Value propositions for international acquisition
  • Strategic planning
  • Scenario analysis

Relevant projects

  • Labor market monitor Maritime Business Services 
  • New urban port spaces 
  • Port of Amsterdam in transition
  • Antwerp Maritime City. A feasibility study into finance, insurance, law
  • Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

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