Port networks

Efficiently organised port-related transport chains are of crucial importance for port competition. Erasmus UPT has extensive experience with studies that map the economic structures and performance of networks and chains - such as inland shipping or rail networks - from a national or international perspective. 

Ports are part of wider networks and chains, both in the transport field and in other areas such as logistics or information. Maritime transport flows go from ports via multimodal transport options to the hinterland. In a time of more and more attention for sustainable transport, insights into chain optimisation and transport performance via evidence-based research are crucial. 

Insights through research

Our experts provide insight in numerous research, such as: How to deal with the increasing data availability and use; and what are the implications of this digitisation for the chain? What are the possibilities of software applications for improving the transparency and transport performance of the chain, in the light of sustainability and greener business models?

Relevant projects

  • Smartport: Influence of external trends on the change of the business model in the port of Rotterdam
  • Selis: EU project on digitization in the port and hinterland of Rotterdam
  • IDVV: study on logistics optimization and inland shipping
  • Cassandra: project about logistics and supply chain visibility
  • Verslogistiek: report on modal shift in fresh logistics. Click here.

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