Port management

Ports and inland ports are complex systems with many actors. Ports also have a private and public character. In addition, ports are subject to major transitions during this time. This makes the design and implementation of good port management a considerable challenge.

Research themes

The Erasmus UPT experts conduct research across the full range of port management, with the following central themes:

  • Institutional design of ports 
  • Role and position of port development companies 
  • Position and role of (governmental) shareholders of port companies 
  • (Inside) Port vision and implementation 
  • Port cooperation

Insight through research

Questions that are addressed include: What is a logical institutional structure for a port? How does this work effectively in practice? How does the interaction between shareholder and port authority work? Which shareholder position and strategy is required to properly safeguard public interests? What is the role of a port development company compared to the private companies in the port complex? What are logical business models for port development companies? What does the new reality of energy transition and digitalisation imply for the business models within the port. Which strategic changes are needed? What does this require from a port development company? Do port development companies have to work together?

Policy advice

The policy advice that Erasmus UPT can provide here is established by linking knowledge of developments within ports worldwide, with knowledge in general areas such as governance, strategic management and business model design, and with focused research in practice. 

Relevant projects

  • Business model change in the port of Rotterdam, SmartPort, (2018)
  • Participation Advisory Council Port of Zwolle, Port of Zwolle, (2017-2018)
  • Role and strategy of port companies, dissertation research, (2005-2015)
  • Institutional model for the port of Scheveningen, Municipality of The Hague, (2015)
  • Cooperation between the Flemish ports - Antwerp Port Authority (2015)
  • Port cooperation in the Netherlands - Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (2013)
  • Role of port of Rotterdam in hinterland transport, port of Rotterdam, (2012-2013)

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