What kind of student are we looking for?

You do not need to have a perfect grasp of (legal) English yet, though it is better if you know how to express yourself in English generally. No formal requirements are necessary.

  • You know how to work together in an (international) team.
  • You can conduct legal research on an individual basis for a range of legal issues.
  • You are willing to put in the work until it is done. In general, we advise that participating in the moot will take about 8-10 hours per week. However, there will be weeks in which this might be more or a little less. Especially in weeks with deadlines, it might be asked of you to put in more time. In addition, we try to take into account exams for other courses, but sometimes competition deadlines necessarily are in the same week.
  • During the days of the competition, you need to be available.
  • You are enrolled as a master student at Erasmus School of Law during the academic year 2020-2021.
  • No student who has been licensed to practice law is eligible to participate (if you passed the bar, for example, then you are no longer considered ‘a student’). If this is not the case, but you are simultaneously working at a law firm as a ‘side job’, a special request must be made to the organization of the moot on your behalf, so please indicate this explicitly so that we can request this as soon as possible if you are selected for the team. If you have done a ‘student internship’ at a law firm, this is not a problem but even an asset.
  • All master students of Erasmus School of Law are eligible to participate in any moot.
  • Bachelor students of Erasmus School of Law can only be part of the Willem C. Vis Moot. Bachelor students of other universities are not eligible to participate in any moot.


If you are interested, please apply to the vacancies which will be posted on the Erasmus School of Law website, send your CV and (short) motivation mail to the initiators from Erasmus School of Law or to

Be aware that a selection procedure will have to be followed to be eligible for a place on the team. More information on the selection procedure will follow after you have made your interest clear to us.

Please indicate in your motivation which moot (or moots) has your preference, or if you would just like to be part of any moot. We will take your preference into consideration, but if we find that your personality and skillset can be better employed in a different moot, we reserve the right to disregard your preference.

We are still looking for students who like to participate in the PAX Moot. 

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