As all moots are very international, some even include impressive universities such as Yale, Harvard and many others; we want our teams to be as prepared as possible. Therefore, we offer our students during the competition very intensive personal coaching. Each team gets one (or two) supervising coach(es) that will support and guide the team on a weekly basis. Furthermore, all teams will be brought in contact with experienced lawyers, practitioners and professors in the Netherlands to continue to sharpen their skills. In the end, you will have honed your skills to perfection so that you will walk, talk, think and even breathe like a lawyer. So if you think it is time to experience the world of law in practice, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

In short, if you complete the course successfully, you receive:

  • 5 EC;
  • A unique experience that will boost your cv immensely;
  • A boost to your national network as you will be brought in contact with renowned Dutch Law firms such as NautaDutilh, BarentsKranz and many more;
  • The possibility to travel and consider international differences and similarities in law;
  • The opportunity to hone your practical skills in a unique way;
  • The possibility to perfect your grasp of Legal English;
  • A boost to your international network as you will come in contact with highly experienced practitioners and scholars from around the world, and of course the students you will meet, who are the high potential lawyers of the future;
  • Personal coaching by many professors of Erasmus School of Law, and;
  • A letter of recognition for your extraordinary training and skills.

Why Participate?

You will build an unforgettable relationship with your team during the moot.

Those teams that can give each other constructive criticism, or in plain words, give it to you straight, are the teams that are most successful in the competition and their careers. The ability to work in a team is a must if you wish to practice law.

Real experience

This is the only time during the master in which you get to experience what it is like to work on one case for several months. It is unique, and not even an internship will give you the same experience.

Your network and cv are boosted immensely

You will be exposed to the biggest names in the field in a very professional manner. You will be able to have in-depth discussions that will make your name stick longer. In general, our ‘mooties’ from the past have found that participation in one of our moots has opened many doors.

You will have so much fun!

Of course, the competition is hard work, but after most visits to firms and especially once you meet students from other universities from around the world, the social aspect of the moot is not to be forgotten. It is so much fun to talk to and dance with all those people; it will be an experience you will never forget!

Financial aspect

Due to COVID-19, the moots will be virtual. In case travelling and accommodation expenses* are involved, the university will pay for this.

Expenses we expect our students to bear themselves are:

  • Insurance (both health and travel)
  • Clothing (all moots have a strict dress code)
  • Food & drinks at the place of destination

*Costs for representation (such as business cards) are also included for the university.

N.B. The grade for the electives is based on individual and team efforts. For more information, please check the individual moots.

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