EMDI Seminar: Border as Method

dinsdag 28 jan 2020, 15:00 - 16:30
Mandeville T3-02
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Border as Method

We seek to pose a number of questions pertaining both to to the formation of the object called 'migration' and to the networks of complicity in which the practice called 'migration studies' figures. These questions are: how does ‘migration studies’ have its object, or, how does ‘migration’ become an object that is then available to a variety of publics? And: what investments need to be enacted in order to have ‘migration’ as an object of study?

Continuing the work by Mezzadra and Neilson in Border as method, we propose to consider the ways in which social scientific method co-constitutes borders, for only after we sign up to support the imaginaries and infrastructures of nation-states bounded by borders can we have the ‘facts’ about migration


Willem van Schinkel & Rogier van Reekum


Mandeville T3-02

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Nathan Levy | nathan.levy@eur.nl / levy@essb.eur.nl

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