What is the role of 'money' in 'capitalism'?

Doctoral student
International Institute of Social Studies

woensdag, 17 jan 2018, 16:00


woensdag, 17 jan 2018, 17:30

Room 3.25
International Institute of Social Studies
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Research in Progress seminar by PhD researcher, Mohsen Yazdanpanah

On 17 January, PhD researcher Mohsen Yazdanpanah will give a Research in Progress seminar entitled Rethinking the governance of money in socio-economic development: sketching out a framework for an alternative monetary system.

He will contest the mainstream belief that money is 'neutral', and argue that money is in fact a social relation.

Download the summary of the seminar below.

About the speaker

Mohsen Yazdanpanah is a PhD researcher at ISS connected to the Governance, Law and Social Justice research group.