dr. (Andria) A. Naudé-Fourie

dr. (Andria) A. Naudé-Fourie

Assistant Professor Erasmus School of Law International and European Union Law
Erasmus University Rotterdam
+31 6 15500755

Latest academic publication

A. Naudé - Fourie & D.D. Bradlow (2018). The Responsibility of IFIs for Human Rights Abuses Arising from Projects that they fund. In S. Deva (Ed.), Research Handbook on Human Rights and Business. Edward Elgar

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Business consulting: process design, change management and training; project management; research (including multidisciplinary); teaching.

Research areas: international institutional law; comparative constitutional law; global administrative law; international financial institutions

      • A. Naudé - Fourie (2016). World Bank Accountability - In Theory and in Practice. The Hague: Eleven International Publishing
      • A. Naudé - Fourie (2014). The World Bank Inspection Panel Casebook. The Hague: Eleven International Publishing
      • A. Naudé - Fourie & E. Hey (2012). Participation in Climate Change Governance. In R. Rayfuse & S. Scott (Eds.), International Law in the Era of Climate Change (pp. 254-289). Edward Elgar
      • A. Naudé - Fourie & D.D. Bradlow (2011). Independent Accountability Mechanisms at International and Regional Development Banks. In T. Hale & D. Held (Eds.), Handbook of Transnational Governance: Institutions and Innovations (pp. 122-137). Cambridge: Polity Press
      • A. Naudé - Fourie & D.D. Bradlow (2012). Study Group: Responsibility of International Organisations - The Evolution of Operational Policies and Procedures at International Financial Institutions: Normative Significance and Enforcement Potential (Draft). (Extern rapport). London: International Law Association
      • A. Naudé - Fourie (2012). Evaluation of the Inter-American Development Bank's Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism: Literature Review. (Extern rapport). Washington D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, Office of Evaluation and Oversight (Confidential)
      • A. Naudé - Fourie (2012, juni 20). The Role of Independent Accountability Mechanisms at Multilateral Development Banks. Pretoria, South Africa, Seminar: Accountability of International Financial Institutions, organized by the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria (Seminar Chair: Prof. D. Bradlow).
      • A. Naudé - Fourie (2012, oktober 2). International Accountability Mechanisms at Multilateral Development Banks: Evolving Nature, Complex Expectations, Dynamic Limits. American University, Washington College of Law in Washington D.C., United States, Workshop with (current and former) members of International Accountability Mechanisms from the World Bank, Inter-American Development, Asian Development Bank & African Development Bank.
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