dr. (Arno) AJC van der Hoeven

dr. (Arno) AJC van der Hoeven
Visiting fellow Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication Department of Media and Communication
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Arno van der Hoeven is Assistant Professor in the department of Media & Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

He teaches courses about media theory, the media industries and globalisation. Arno's research focuses on the contributions of media and culture to urban development. He is fascinated by the ways in which cultural forms such as popular music foster social relationships and meaningful engagements between people and their local environment. He has worked on various research projects that address these connections between place, culture and identity:

  • The places of live music: what is the impact of live music on cities?
  • Online urban heritage: how do participatory media change people’s engagement with the urban past
  • Popular music heritage and nostalgia: how does popular music’s past support collective identities?

Arno holds MA degrees in Communication Science from Radboud University Nijmegen and Sociology from the University of Antwerp. In 2014, Arno obtained his PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam. His dissertation (‘Popular Music Memories: Places and practices of popular music heritage, memory and cultural identity’) looked at the different ways in which popular music is remembered and evokes memories.

Arno holds the Senior University Teaching Qualification (SQT / SKO) and acts as the academic coordinator of the Premaster Media Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

More information can be found on Arno's personal website.

  • Arno Hoeven (13 april 2016) - De nachtcorrespondent: Gabber blijft fascineren
  • Arno Hoeven (12 april 2016) - Studio Erasmus Talkshow
  • Arno Hoeven (23 december 2014) - “Popmuziek is niet alleen meer van de jeugd”. Wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar ons muzikale erfgoed. (Interview Kennislink.nl)
  • Arno Hoeven (26 november 2014) - Popmuziek bepaalt onze identiteit
  • Arno Hoeven (14 augustus 2014) - Promovendus Arno van der Hoeven over popmuziek als cultureel erfgoed
  • Arno Hoeven (1 december 2011) - Piratenradio in Nederland. Kneuterig, maar toch spannend

  • Arno Hoeven & Erik Hitters (2019) - The Values of Live Music in Urban Development: The Case of Rotterdam
  • Arno Hoeven & Erik Hitters (2019) - The values of live music in urban development: the case of Rotterdam
  • Arno Hoeven (2019) - Live music in online archives: the social and cultural values of popular music concerts
  • Arno Hoeven & Erik Hitters (2018) - The social and cultural values of live music ecologies for cities: a study of local music policies.
  • Arno Hoeven (2018) - U vraagt, wij draaien? Hoe popmuziek een plek kreeg in de uitvaarthitlijsten.
  • Pauwke Berkers, Erik Hitters, Arno Hoeven, Rick Everts & Martijn Mulder (2017) - POPLIVE: denk mee over het grote livemuziek-onderzoek
  • Arno Hoeven (2015) - Invited lecture on 50 jaar 3fm. Een gedeelde herinnering?
  • Arno Hoeven (2014) - Popmuziekerfgoed in Nederland
  • Arno Hoeven (2014) - How we listen to the past: music, media and memory
  • Arno Hoeven (2013) - Remembering the popular music of the 1990s: dance music and the cultural meanings of decade-based nostalgia.


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november 2020
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november 2023

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