(Dena) D Zaki

(Dena) D Zaki
PhD Candidate (grant) International Institute of Social Studies ISS PhD
Kortenaerkade 12, 's - Gravenhage

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My Ph.D. title is "Gender analysis of Intimate Violence among the Egyptian-Dutch- Community in the Netherlands." 

"This study contributes to the knowledge produced on imitate partner violence (IPV) against first-generation Egyptian Dutch (ED) women in the Netherlands. The study analyses how ED women navigate the family context and the welfare state when experiencing violence by their partners, and it explores their agency in highly restrictive contexts."

My research focus areas are gender, migration, and violence. I am part of the Civic Innovation Research Group at ISS. 

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Political Science and a minor in Economics from Manhattanville College. I hold a MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a Masters of Public Administration with a focus on NGO management from the American University in Cairo (AUC). 


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