International Bachelor in Psychology

Continuing master programmes for Bachelor International Bachelor in Psychology

From the academic year 2020 - 2021 onwards we offer eight master specialisations in Psychology:

  • Brain and Cognition > How is the brain involved in emotions, language, memory, thoughts and actions?
  • Clinical Psychology > This specialisation focuses on adult psychopathology. There are two tracks: ’Research training' and ‘Clinical training’.
  • Forensic and Legal Psychology > This specialisation focuses on psychological contributions to both forensic and legal contexts.
  • Health Psychology & Digital Interventions > This new master programme is aimed at forming science-informed practitioners in digital behaviour change.
  • Human Learning and Performance > How do people learn and perform and how can education be optimised?
  • Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society > This master programme will provide you with the necessary, multidisciplinary skills to tackle the societal challenges that institutions, organisations and workers are facing within the context of the digital revolution.
  • Psychology of the Digital Media > This master specialisation focuses on the role of the digital media in human thought and behaviour. Students will learn methods such as experience sampling, text mining, and multimedia design methods.