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The Certificate of Recognition is developed by the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The university issues a certificate for voluntary activities in addition to their academic study at our university. Hereby, the university expresses appreciation for these activities. The value of such a certificate is  for example that potential employers can more easily judge whether  the student had a broad(er) orientation during his study.

The University believes that the certificate must have and maintain social value. Therefore, the university has set certain conditions for activities that should be eligible for a certificate. For instance, the activities should be in line with the mission, vision and objectives of the University and there must be a clear indication that  substantial effort has been made.

The certificate is part of a much broader approach by the Socially Responsible Academic Community that this university  stands for. Currently, a diversity of activities  is being  carried out   by the university: there is the sustainable purchasing policy, as well as the community services by EUR employees.

On the website of the Certification of Recognition there is an overview of all criteria that any applicant for a Certificate must meet. In addition, there is a checklist above the application form that can be used to quickly determine whether the applicant meets all the criteria.

The Certificate of Recognition can be requested by using the online application form on the website.

Yes, you can already apply for your Certificate of recognition. However, you will only receive the Certificate of recognition upon obtaining a Bachelor's or Master's degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

No, a Certificate of Recognition is only issued once per student, upon obtaining a Bachelor's or Master's degree. It is recommended to apply for the certificate when it is certain that no more recognized activities will be carried out during the remaining study time.

Certainly, provided that you have obtained a Bachelor's or Master's degree from EUR in the past. In addition, pay attention to the rules regarding "retrospective" submission of applications.

It is possible to apply for a Certificate of Recognition within years after graduation. However, the period during which this is possible depends on the number of academic years that have passed since the completion of the activity (s) in question. For medical students, a period of seven academic years applies, for other students five academic years. In all above cases, the current board of the student organization in question must sign the control form.

This can be done within one calendar year after the cancellation of the organisation by using the online application form. However, the secretary of the Certificate of Recognition must first receive a confirmation that you have actually carried out the activity in question from a former board member of the dissolved organization.

No, the EUR Certificate of Recognition is only issued to EUR students and alumni.

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