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To apply for a certificate of recognition, students need to put in a request through Osiris under ‘Cases’. This can be done in the following way:

  1. Logging into OSIRIS Student.
  2. Heading to the ‘Cases’ tab and then clicking through to ‘My cases’.
  3. Choosing ‘Start case’ and then selecting ‘application certificate of recognition’.
  4. Go through the checklist of conditions for applying for a certificate of recognition.
  5. Clicking ‘next’ and submitting the application.

The verification form needed for an application can be found on the EUR website, under This form needs to be signed by the present chairman of the organization or the chairman of the organization at the time of fulfilling your function.

When the application has been submitted, you can check the progression of it under ‘My cases’. When your application is approved, this tab will show ‘application approved’, after which the Study Progress & Diploma Administration (SV&D) team will produce your certificate of recognition.

If your application is incomplete, the SV&D team will reject your application and you will receive a message with information on what you need to do to complete your application, after which you can reapply.

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