Meet your Professor

Introducing our expert faculty members

Our staff members are experts in various disciplines of economics and econometrics. Do you want to learn more about who your professor will be during your studies at Erasmus School of Economics?

  • Mary Pieterse-Bloem

    Meet Mary Pieterse-Bloem, Professor in Financial Markets. 

  • Anne Boring

    Meet Anne Boring, Assistant Professor of Economics. 

  • Philip Hans Franses

    Meet Philip Hans Franses, Professor of Applied Econometrics. 

  • Anne Gielen

    Meet Anne Gielen, Professor of Labour Economics and Policy. 

  • Bas Jacobs

    Meet Bas Jacobs, Sijbren Cnossen Professor of Public Economics.

  • Bas Karreman

    Meet Bas Karreman, Associate Professor of Applied Economics. 

  • Hans van Kippersluis

    Meet Hans van Kippersluis, Professor of Applied Economics 

  • Robin Lumsdaine

    Meet Robin Lumsdaine, Professor of Applied Econometrics 

  • Olivier Marie

    Meet Olivier Marie, Professor of Labour Economics. 

  • Marieke Musegaas

    Meet Marieke Musegaas, Lecturer at the Econometric Institute. 

  • Julian Emami Namini

    Meet Julian Emami Namini, Assistant Professor of International Economics. 

  • Thomas Peeters

    Meet Thomas Peeters, Associate Professor of Applied Economics. 

  • Kirsten Rohde

    Meet Kristen Rohde, Professor of Behavioral Economics. 

  • Esad Smajlbegovic

    Meet Esad Smajlbegovic, Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting. 

  • Patrick Verwijmeren

    Meet Patrick Verwijmeren, Professor of Corporate Finance. 

  • Albert Wagelmans

    Meet Albert Wagelmans, Professor of Econometrics and Management Science. 

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