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  • When does peak creativity occur?

    Professor Philip Hans Franses wonders when famous painters would have created their masterpiece and whether this also holds for other creative activities.
  • Getting high (grades)

    Olivier Marie researches the effect of the 7-month cannabis restriction in Maastricht on student performance.
  • The lab, the truth, and the real world

    Does the lab tell the truth about behavior in the real world? That is a question that concerns economists ever since the lab is used as tool to understand human behavior.
  • Does inequality affect the way we spend?

    What happens to our consumption behaviour when we are exposed to the spending choices of our richer neighbours?
  • Is retirement good for your health?

    Economics is a discipline that is obsessed with finding out what affects what. Are unhealthy workers more likely to retire early or does retirement have…
  • Can hosting the world cup be profitable?

    Proponents of major sports events typically argue that these investments pay for themselves, as events generate additional economic activity and thus create new…
  • How modelling supply and demand interactions improve services like

    In this article, it is explained how operations research applies mathematical analysis to solve problems and optimise processes within businesses like for…
  • Are boys better at economics than girls?

    Gender diversity in the economics profession can be negatively affected by study choice, study success and the career path after graduation. What does the data…
  • The power of a bad example

    Do cleaning services by city workers of the municipality take away the incentive of citizens to refrain from dumping?
  • Are computers better lie detectors than humans?

    Although Dutch people are regarded as quite direct and honest when compared to people from many other countries, a little white lie here and there smoothens…