Information desk

Welcome to the website of the Information Desk of the Education Service Centre.

If you are a student at Erasmus School of Economics or if you have any interest in the programmes of the Erasmus School of Economics, you can contact the Information Desk with your questions about the programmes Erasmus School of Economics offers.

The Information Desk is located at the Tinbergen Building, office H6-02 and can also be reached via telephone number +31 (0)10 408 13 80.

With which questions can you contact the Information Desk?

  • General questions about the programmes of Erasmus School of Economics
  • The regulations of Erasmus School of Economics
  • Questions about the application process for bachelor and master programmes
  • Late registrations tutorial groups and exams
  • Walk-in hours of the study adviser
  • Appointment with the study adviser
  • Handing in and picking up documents for the study adviser or the Examination Board
  • Handing in and picking up documents regarding your exchange

If the Information Desk is not able to answer your question, you will be referred to the person or department who can answer your question, for example the study adviser.

With which questions can you not contact the Information Desk?

Regular office hours


Changes in the office hours of the Informationdesk

Please note there can be daily changes in the office hours of the information desk. There is a summer schedule for the summer and the university is closed on national holidays.

9 July – 17 AugSummer schedule: information desk only open in the mornings

Summer holidays