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Image of two students sitting near the pond on campus Woudestein

video: Alumni Welcome

video: Alumni Day 3 April 2018

video: ESE way to get smart

The making of the fountain at Campus Woudestein

Alumni Day 22 March 2017

Inspiration Days

Theme of Alumni day x Inspiration Days 2023

EFR would like to invite our alumni to the EFR Inspiration Days 2023, which will be an inspirational on-campus event held on the 5th of April at the Erasmus
Farai and Amber

Making a difference through mentoring

Mentoring isn’t a one-way street. When two individuals get together through the MentorMe programme, it often benefits both of them.
Data Science

Alumni Benefits Lifelong Learning ​​​​​​​

Lifelong learning at Erasmus School of Economics offers multiple post-experience, executive programmes and masterclasses on Data Science.
A frog perspective of the European central bank building in Frankfurt

ECB policy and the IS-MB-GA model

In his lecture, Ivo will apply the IS-MB-GA model model to monetary policy in the euro area. The aim of the lecture is to bring the model to life with

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