Contact the Research Office

The Research Office is part of the Dean's Office of Erasmus School of Economics and advises the dean on the school's research policy. The Research Office also supports scientific staff with vital aspects of their work, for example when applying for a grant or with using the school's information systems.

    Adhemare de Rijk (Funding Manager Research)

    Adhemare is the Funding Manager Research at Erasmus School of Economics’ Research Office.

    Erasmus School of Economics is focusing on excellent grants, the Research Office supports all researchers who are applying for a variety of research grants. Adhemare specializes in, among others, the Dutch NWO grants such as Veni, Vidi, Vici etc. She is also available for European Horizon2020 grants, Marie Sklodowska Curie actions (both individual fellowships and the training networks) and the European Research Council grants (starting, consolidator, advanced). Next to this you can also contact her for all other research grant suggestions and questions.

    Adhemare’s support can range from brainstorm sessions in the early idea phase of your research proposal, to advice during all steps of the proposal preparation, thorough feedback on your (draft) versions, tips, technical and policy advice and coaching. Some research grants are split up in different steps. Adhemare will advise you in those and offer support in the writing of rebuttals, organize mock interviews etc.

    Pieter Vreeburg (Information Manager Research)

    Email address
    +31 10-4081272

    Pieter is the Information Manager Research at the Erasmus School of Economics Research Office. He is specialized in the quantitative aspects of quality assurance and in the processing and analysis of large, often low quality, datasets. He is also responsible for the planning of the quality assurance cycles with regards to the research domain at Erasmus School of Economics.

    He can be contacted for information about:

    • The Erasmus School of Economics Research Information System (Metis)
    • Business intelligence with regards to the research domain
    • The quality assurance cycle with regards to the research domain

    Lindsey Pijpers (PhD Officer)

    Lindsey Pijpers is the PhD officer of Erasmus School of Economics. She is responsible for the recruitment of the new PhD’s, supports the current PhD’s of Erasmus School of Economics during their track and will help them to find the best next step in their academic career after graduation.

    If you have any question about doing a PhD at Erasmus School of Economics, you can contact her.