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International Workshop on Psychometric Computing (Psychoco) 2024

On 29 February and 1 March 2024 Erasmus University Rotterdam will host the 2024 International Workshop on Psychometric Computing (Psychoco)

Measuring and explaining cyclical fluctuations in consumption using multivariate information

Lorenzo Pozzi (Erasmus School of Economics)

Preferences for Discrimination

Daniele Nosenzo (Aarhus University)
A cab and two-decker bus on Oxford street, Engeland

Landing on Water: Air Interdiction, Drug-Trafficking Displacement, and Violence in the Brazilian Amazon

Rodrigo Soares (Columbia University/Insper)

Using sports in economics and management research

ECASE workshop 'Using sports in economics and management research' on 8 March
Bokeh effect on the grass in a soccer stadium

Recent Advances in Periodic Railway Timetable Optimization

Niels Lindner (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Inside a modern metro

Resource Allocation with Sigmoidal Demands: Mobile Healthcare Units and Service Adoption

Harwin de Vries (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Campus faculty flags

Cost-Sharing in Medical Care Can Increase Adult Mortality: Evidence from Colombia

Marcos Vera Hernandez (University College London)
Image - Medical Operation

Erasmus Accounting Workshop

This event features the work of four researchers from top schools, and aims to foster and strengthen the network of scholars around the world.
Green Woudestein campus overlooking water and several school buildings.

Under-Delivery of Preventive Care and Patient Influence on Clinician Behaviour: Evidence from India

Nikkil Sudharsanan (TU Munich)
Image - India

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