Erasmus School of Economics
EUR 105 years Science meets City

Quality and impact

At Erasmus School of Economics dedication to scientific excellence is key, while we strive to make an impact both in academia and in the world as a whole. This dedication to both quality and impact is reflected in our strategic priorities.

Scientific impact

To achieve scientific impact we: 

  • produce refereed articles, especially in top journals in economics;
  • obtain research grants with significant academic prestige;
  • complete high-quality dissertations, to prepare for a succesful academic career

Read more about our commitment to scientific impact.

Societal impact

To achieve societal impact we:

  • collaborate with non-academic partners;
  • participate in boards, committees and advisory councils;
  • appear in the media to inform public opinion;
  • transfer knowledge through our companies in the Erasmus University Rotterdam Holding.

Read more about our commitment to societal impact.

Academic integrity

To maintain our academic integrity we:

  • have all academic staff sign a code of conduct;
  • provide training to our staff;
  • have assigned a confidential counsellor and an integrity coordinator.

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