Erasmus School of Economics very much enjoys interviewing het alumni. This way, we want to get a closer look at the time alumni have had at the school throughout the years. Such interviews mainly involve the experiences alumni have had and how their studies at our school has influenced their lives and if they have any advice to current and prospective students. 

  • Wolter Brinks

    "We represented a broken generation. In sociological terms, we were a hiccup in the curve. But for many of us, the University and the association formed a solid foundation for a successful life.”
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  • Luck van Leeuwen

    “His stepfather was called Lucky Strike. What’s in a name? My name is Luck and I’m a very lucky man.”
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  • Walter baron Snouckaert van Schauburg

    "Walter hopped on the train to Rotterdam to study Economics that very same day. “Something needed to happen. If I had been aware of the Erasmus Alumni Vereniging (EAV) at the time, I would have definitely joined them.”
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  • Pieter van Zuuren

    "From a posting to Santander thanks to the A.A. van Beek Fund, via lecture summaries, ‘thee and thouing’ fellow alumni to – after an interesting, fruitful life – becoming ESE’s oldest alumnus!”
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